Australia & New-Zealand

A small tropical forest

This zone is in the lower part of the land and benefits from a deep and rich soil. The forest canopy composed of big evergreen oaks and wild olive trees is tall and protective.

To increase the botanical diversity of this zone, it has been divided in three parts:

  • A semi dry one where plants come from the south western part of Australia with a Mediterranean climate; summer watering is reduced,
  • A subtropical one in which the New-Zealand and east Australian plants have been placed,
  • The last one gathers the tropical Australian plants and those which need a great humidity during summer.

Once the plants had adapted to the site they have greatly improved and this zone now looks very much like a small tropical forest where sometimes it is difficult to penetrate!

This zone has also allowed some plant naturalization of, for example, palm trees and ferns. An exceptional one is certainly the self sown Platycerium bifurcatum in Livistona australis fibres and on the evergreen oak trunks.