South-East Asia

Hibiscus all year round

This zone can be found on the right ascending the track and is devoted to all the plants growing in subtropical and tropical climates from India to Japan eastwards and Malaysia southwards.

Of course, the Corsican climate cannot be tolerated by the most sensitive tropical plants and so it is by enjoying their lushness that one can dream of those countries.

Bamboos, which are only the cespitose tropical ones, have been introduced with varying success on account of the soil, the wind and the rats which love eating them. Besides that, some species died after flowering, reducing their total number. Other tropical Poaceae thrive like Thysanolaena maxima and Capillipedium parviflorum from the Himalaya. This last one has been introduced for the first time in Europe in this garden.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis are well represented because they flower most of the year and their sizes (3 to 4 m tall) allow them to protect more cold tender plants.

The climbing plants (Tetrastigma voinierianumBauhinia yunnanensisLonicera hildebrandiana, etc.) seem to enjoy covering the forest canopy. ZingiberaceaeAraceaeFicus and many others … of course, palm trees with several species of CaryotaRhapisWallichia… let us dream of the much more extraordinary discoveries one could make in those countries.